Capsule endoscopy in Leipzig

Thanks to our many years of experience, we use pill-sized capsule endoscopy as part of a comprehensive diagnosis of the small intestine.


Small capsule with high-end technology

Capsule endoscopy is used in particular for examining the small intestine. You as the patient ingest a pill-sized video capsule, which then takes high-resolution images of your digestive tract.

We rely on the smart technology of the Pill-Cam SB3, which has been tested many times and is in use all over the world.

Your doctor

Dr. Tatiana Gindensperger is a specialist in internal medicine and gastroenterology.

This is how a capsule endoscopy works

Step 1


During a first consultation in our practice, Dr. Gindensperger will explain the examination to you and answer your questions.

From the third day before the capsule endoscopy, you should avoid fruits or vegetables containing seeds and whole-grain bread. On the day before the examination, a light, low-fiber breakfast and a small soup for lunch are still permitted.

Finally, the bowel cleansing begins in the late afternoon or early evening. You will receive the exact plan for this, together with the necessary laxative, during the explanatory consultation in the practice.

Step 2


You pick up the pill-sized video camera through your mouth. It then passes through your digestive tract, recording high-resolution images. Meanwhile, you wear a special sensor belt that receives the data from the video capsule.

The camera is excreted naturally. As a rule, you as the patient will not notice any of this.

Step 3

After the examination

During a follow-up consultation in the practice, Dr. Gindensperger will explain the findings to you in detail and, if necessary, plan the next steps.

Frequently asked questions

The video camera capsule resembles a larger pill and measures approximately 5 x 20mm. Its small size therefore makes it easy to swallow.

Yes, preparatory measures similar to colonoscopy are also necessary for capsule endoscopy.

We will inform you about all necessary measures a few days before the examination. You usually start the preparation the evening before the examination. In the process, the intestine is prepared with a special solution.

The capsule is excreted again naturally. Most patients usually do not notice this.

No. Capsule endoscopy is used in particular for the diagnosis of diseases of the small intestine. It is in no case an alternative to classical gastroscopy or colonoscopy.

With the help of capsule endoscopy, changes in the small intestine can be detected. Indications for the examinations are for example:

  • Blood in stool (visible or detected by stool test Hemocult, iFOBT).
  • Inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract
  • Tumors, lymphomas, polyposis syndromes
  • Unclear diarrhea, celiac disease, elevated fecal calprotectin.
  • Unclear abdominal pain, differentiation from irritable bowel syndrome

3 hours after the start of the capsule endoscopy, you are allowed to consume clear liquids again. After 4 hours, eating is also allowed again.

Usually, the examination is fully reimbursed by your private health insurance. Nevertheless, we recommend that you contact your insurance company in advance of the capsule endoscopy.

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